Sunday, 23 February 2014

Soap&Glory Scrub 'Em&Leave 'Em Mini-Review | PaigeyPumpkin

Hello everyone!
Recently I've been testing out the Soap&Glory, Scrub 'Em & Leave 'Em body scrub. (RRP. £8)

I am a huge fan of Soap&Glory, particularly their scrubs, so I was rather excited to give this a try. 

This has the typical Soap&Glory scent, which is called "Mist Your Madly". I love the scent of it and, although if you smell the scrub in the pot it is rather strong, and for some overpowering, once the scrub has been used the scent isn't too strong and doesn't stay on your body for a long time.

The packaging, as always for Soap&Glory, is very girly and pretty compared to other brands. I like how the packaging for Soap&Glory always stays within a very girly theme. 

As for the scrub itself, it is pink and has a lot of micro-beads in it. Although this first came off as looking like a harsh scrub, it is a lot more gentle than my Soap&Glory favourite "Flake Away". In comparison to Flake Away, it is less grainy but is still a sugar based scrub but, unlike Flake Away, the scent didn't last as long, but that is a factor I'm not really fussed about. My skin was left soft and smooth and I will definitely purchase this again!

Overall, I really liked this scrub, but, there have been a few mixed reviews, so if you're thinking of purchasing this then you may want to have a peak at a few other reviews. 

What's your favourite scrub? 


  1. I love the flake away scrub it is my all time favourite but I do sometimes find it is a bit harsh, I haven't tried this one out yet, but I love Soap & Glory and will definitley try this out! x x

    1. I tend to prefer harsher scrubs. Thanks for reading!(:



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