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Top 13 of 2013! | PaigeyPumpkin

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely holiday season! So today I thought I would share my top 13 beauty items of the past year with you lovely lot!(In brief mini paragraphs, haha).

 For lip products I thought I would pick a lipstick, balm and "other" (the chubby stick copy) so that I could limit down my options.

(From left to right); 

-MUA Power Pout in "Runway"
 Although the colour does look very bold, it isn't as pigmented as it looks therefore it is a very wearable colour. It is glossy, applies easily and doesn't go all over your face (like other bold lip colours do). It has a minty taste and I find that this doesn't dry out my lips.

-MAC Lipstick in "Angel" (Frost)
This is a very neutral colour but is a colour that I have seen people with very different skin tones pull off. It is quite similar to "Creme Cup" (another popular MAC lipstick) but is also slightly different. This lipstick starts of with being rather sheer but you can easily build it up to match the colour of the actual lipstick. This is very neutral and wearable, hence why I have used it so much this year. 

-Maybelline Baby Lips in "Cherry Me"
The Baby Lips were very highly anticipated this year in the UK and of course I had to buy them all (they were on 3 for 2 so it's fine). I am not a fan of cherry flavour at all but this one isn't bad or strong. It leaves a bright-ish red on your lips as well as looking very glossy but doesn't have the stickiness of a gloss. This isn't the most moisturizing lip balm about there but it does moisturize you lips a little.

 (From left to right);

-YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat Foundation
I am a big fan of drugstore foundations but at the very end of 2012 I saw this on sale on Feel Unique and I thought that I would just "go for it". It has a very pinky undertone which is why I sometimes mix it with other foundations. It is on the runnier side of foundations and it a light coverage but I find that this really brightens my face and give me a healthy glow. This has a dewy finish and I am more of a fan of a matte finish so I usually apply a powder on top and I find that it makes it last a lot longer.

-Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation
I actually bought this in 2012 but rarely used it until this year. This has been a constant favourite of this year for me. It has a medium coverage and lasts for the majority of the day. Like the YSL foundation, it is a runnier foundation and has a dewy finish, so I apply a powder on top.

-Dr Jart+ Beauty Balm (Water infused version)
This has had mixed reviews but I decided to buy it anyway. This is thicker than the drugstore BB creams I have used but it doesn't feel heavy on your skin when applied. I used this a lot in the summer as it has SPF 25 so I didn't have to worry about my face burning. This has a very light coverage but with some concealer on spots and under eye circles it covers everything that needs to be covered.

(From left to right);

-Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer
I love the wake me up foundation so I thought it would be a good idea to give it a go, at first I didn't find it to be anything special but the more I used it the more I like it. Like the foundation, it has tiny bits of glitter in to make your undereyes brighter and overall makes you less fatigued looking. I tend to put this on underneath my foundation as I find it looks more natural that way.

-Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer
This was a 2012 find and I believe it's my third bottle. There was a point in the middle of the year where I just went off it but I have used this throughout the majority of the year. It is a thicker concealer but doesn't weigh your skin down unless you apply a very large amount. Some people only use this for spot and some only for undereyes but I find it does a good job at both, although I do mostly use this for spots. This has a great coverage and I find this lasts throughout the majority of the day. 

-Soap&Glory; Peaches & Clean (right) 
I have used this cleanser all year and I haven't even used three quarters of it (I'm featuring a picture of a new bottle because the one I am currently using is the old packaging). I use this around two times a week to make my skin feel extra clean. Like the name suggests, it smells like peaches but isn't over powering. Unlike other cleansers, this doesn't dry out my skin at all or make my face feel stiff and shiny looking which I find happens with numerous products (is that weird?!). Overall, I feel like this has improved my skin's condition and make it smoother. 

-MUA Pro-Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit
Once again, another purchase from late 2012 but I didn't use this until March. This set has two eyebrow colours (the two shadows closest to the mirror) a highlight  and a wax. I mix the two shadows together to get the righ colour for my eyebrows. This lasts really well throughout the day and I like how it has a big mirror. I don't use the wax as I feel like it's too thick and I feel like my eyebrows are like superglued onto my face, hopefully that made sense. 

-Urban Decay Naked  Palette
I ordered Naked one and two just after Christmas in 2012 after months of wondering if I should get them or not. It was hard to pick one but I decided to pick the one that I used more. It has very buttery and pigmented, neutral shades and the only bad thing about it is the price tag (£35 and I believe it to be $60 in the states). I put a red heart on the shadows I use the most! Also, I'm still deciding on whether to get the Naked 3 so if you've got it I would love to know your opinions on it in the comments!

I hope you enjoyed this post! 
What was your favourite product/s of 2013?!



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