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30 Beauty Questions TAG! | PaigeyPumpkin

Hello everyone!
So today I thought that I would do something different, so I had a look at a bunch of tags and I thought that this one was a good one for my blog!

1. Do you remember your first makeup item?

  I literally don't have any clue, sorry :(

2. Describe your perfect mascara. Have you found one that fits your specifications?

 The perfect mascara for me is one that is very black, long lasting, lengthens and makes my lashes look voluminous. The closest mascara I have found to this which basically does it all is the Benefit "They're Real" mascara. 

3. What kind of coverage do you prefer from foundation?

 Medium / high. I have very bad under eye circles and when I get spots they're very hard to cover. I love the Rimmel Match Perfection and Wake Me Up for medium / high coverage and I'm still in two minds about trying Estée Lauder Double Wear. 

4. Favorite high end brand?

This kind of changes a lot but Benefit is always a big favourite.

5. What cosmetic brands have you always wanted to try but still haven't? 

I have always wanted to try Laura Mercier but it's never really been on the very top of my wishlist!

6. Favorite drugstore brand?

Without a doubt, Rimmel. Over the past year and half they have just been on top of their game. Some of my favourites are; Wake me up foundation, Stay Matte Powder and the Scandalproof eyeliner.

7. Do you wear fake eyelashes? 

No, I literally cannot apply them to save my life. 

8. Is there any kind of makeup you can't leave the house without?

Concealer, brows and on most days mascara. 

9. Wh
at is your most cherished beauty product?

This is a hard one as it changes a lot, but my most cherished has to be the Urban Decay Naked Palette.

10. How often do you shop for makeup? Do you like to pick up an item here and there or get lots of goodies at once?

In 2013 I set myself the goal of only buying makeup that I knew I liked already that needed some replacements, which I kept. Now I generally buy items here and there but before my resolution last year I used to buy a lot at once.

11. Do you have a "beauty budget" or you spend freely? 

It generally just depends on the day/week and if there are a lot of new products out. 

12. Do you utilize coupons, rewards cards and sales when you shop for cosmetics?

The only kind of reward system I have is the Boots advantage card (very good one to have guys) and the Super drug card. 

13. What type of product do you buy the most of?

Mascaras, I love trying different mascaras and even though I have found a few I adore I always like to try new ones. 

14. Is there a brand that you absolutely can't stand?

Not really, but for some reason I am always rather hesitant towards buying Revlon products, I don't know why.

15. Do you avoid certain ingredients in cosmetics like parabens or sulfates?


16. Do you have a favorite place to shop for makeup?

Boots for drugstore and House of Fraser for high end.

17. Do you like trying new skincare products or do you keep a certain routine?

I am very lazy when it comes to skincare, but I like trying new products from brands I know and like such as, Soap&Glory and Lush.

18. Favorite bath and body brand?

Lush or Soap&Glory.

19. If you could only buy from one brand, which brand would you choose?

Rimmel for drugstore or Benefit for high end; if I had to pick one it would be Rimmel.

20. What brand do you think has the best packaging?
Benefit / Soap&Glory. 

21. Which celebrity always has great makeup?
Mila Kunis, every time. 

22. Do you belong to any online makeup communities?

No :(

23. 5 Favorite Beauty Gurus


24. Do you like multifunctional products like lip and cheek stains?

No as I find that they tend to dry out my lips.

25. Are you clumsy in putting makeup?

Some times I generally depends on how long I have to do my makeup.

26. Do you use makeup base/primer for the eyes?
Yes, I love the Urban Decay Primer Potion.

27. How many hair products do you use on a typical day?

This may sound weird but none. I don't use heat on my hair everyday and I wash my hair every other day. 

28. What do you apply first, concealer or foundation?

I used to apply Foundation first but now it's concealer.

29. Do you ever consider taking makeup classes?

Maybe when I'm older in my spare time but at this current point I wouldn't be a makeup artist as a career as I am more of an academic person than creative.

30. What do you love about makeup?
How it can give you so much more confidence (:

 Okay everyone that is it, I tag all of you!
If you have done or will do this tag leave the link to it or your blog in the comments!


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